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Patient Reported Measures (PRMs) - For Patients

What are they?

PatientPRMs are simply questions about what you are able to do and how you feel. Software turns your answers into reports for you and your clinician to track your conditions and treatments, manage conditions over time, and watch your health as a whole. Your answers also provide a view of the quality of the care you receive, from your standpoint.

Why should I answer these questionnaires?

PRMs help your clinician fully understand your concerns and conditions. With your feedback, your care is personalized and more effective. Combined with other data, PRMs also show you and your clinician how your health compares to people who are similar to you.

Sample Questions (Click to Enlarge)

Where do I answer these questionnaires?

Your clinician may or may not be using PRMs in his clinic. Some clinicians use paper questionnaires during your office visit. Others may send you to a web site to take your questionnaire. Once finished, software will send your answers directly to the clinical team for review, response, and use at the time of your office visit.