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The Survey Administration Tool (SAT)

Through the collaboration of partners, The Dartmouth Institute's Survey Administration Tool (SAT) delivers experience-tested systems and services focused on Patient Reported Measures (PRMs).

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Here are the applications we support today:

Clinical Population Condition Specific General Health
Annual Wellness Visit Patient Health
Questionnaire (PHQ-2 / PHQ-9)
PROMIS-10 Global Health
Heart Failure Minnesota Living with Heart
Failure Questionnaire (MLHFQ)
PROMIS-10 Global Health
Hip Replacement Hip disability and Osteoarthritis
Outcome Score (HOOS)
PROMIS-10 Global Health
Knee Replacement Knee injury and Osteoarthritis
Outcome Score (KOOS)
PROMIS-10 Global Health

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You will have access to all of your patients' data

The data is patient self-reported and the patient sees the results, too!